Justin Seyl

Justin Seyl is a Certified Director of Safety with over 14 years of experience. He has worked with dozens of top 100 carriers on citation defense and adjudication. His expertise includes CSA citation adjudication, Safety Fitness Determinations, prevention of citations and violations, Notice of Claim reductions, and utilizing safety controls and measures to decrease CSA scores while increasing profits. He was appointed to ATA’s Safety Policy Committee in April 2018.

She then moved into their Regulatory Compliance department where she was for the remaining 10 years. Being part of a large regulatory department Stephanie worked her way through the department, starting with specializing in drug and alcohol testing before moving to CSA and SafeStat support where she reviewed police reports and roadside inspections to ensure the data was accurate both in the FMCSA databases and the company’s data. During this time she opened hundreds of DataQ’s herself and became a respected CSA industry expert.

In her final years with a carrier she oversaw the team that managed the annual motor vehicle report review and violation and review process moving it from paper to electronic and re-platforming their employment verification process for current and prior drivers along with ensuring compliance of the drivers with the commercial drivers licensing qualifications. Stephanie has researched and provided data to collaborate with FMCSA on a number of projects and has helped to draft comments on proposed regulations and the changes to the CSA methodology.

Stephanie is an active member of the CVSA Information Systems committee and has been a voting member representing the Associate Advisory committee (industry) since 2010.