What is CDLM?

CDL Manager is a fully outsourced safety solution for small and mid-sized motor carriers. All safety and compliance functions (DA consortium, log auditing, policies, corrective action, CSA analysis to name a few) are included in the program along with real time support for you and your drivers.

What is required of my company when we work with CDLM?

An initial file send of your companies policies and procedures (don't worry if you don't any of these as we will tailor them to your operation) and a driver and equipment list allows us to determine what we need to provide to you and your drivers to be compliant. After this you can be as hands on or off as you want to be.

Will I see results?

CDLM has a proven track record helping companies stay safe and compliant. Regular updates with CSA analysis are part of the program. Following the program ensures quicker progress. All companies that have joined have shown improvement. ‚Äč

How many drivers do I need to work with CDLM?

CDLM assists companies of all sizes from 1 to ???